Woodburning Stoves

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The efficient and environment friendly woodburning stoves

The woodburning stoves have been in the market since a very long time, its origin can be traced back to the 18th century and since then it has been serving the human race, assisting in the tasks which could have been quite tedious without these stoves. These stoves have brought changes in their structure and procedural working to fulfil the needs of this modern world, but it is the fact that these stoves are very environment friendly that make them so popular.


The creation of these stoves took place when an individual, the creator of these stoves decided to have a stove of his own. The stove was designed out of cast iron and used wood as the fuel to produce the desired output. Later many changes were made to this basic design of the stoves and these were and more efficient for the market and the increased demand of the people, but it is the environment friendly nature of these stoves that brought them the recognition they have attained in the recent times.

  • The quest of being environment friendly

It has been penned down many times in this single article itself that these woodburning stoves are very environment friendly and the following section tries to explain this criterion with the help of the two different models of these stoves that are available in the market.

The catalytic stoves

There is also a huge amount of heat or other gases that are not properly utilised after the combustion process. So catalytic stoves use the converters that are particularly present to utilize those end products in form of gases and also reduce the risk of hazardous accidents.

The non catalytic stoves

These stoves are similar to the catalytic stoves but they differ only on a short note, in these stoves the converters are not present separately but are a part of the design and have to be taken care of before implementing the stove. These stoves are more efficient in providing optimum results and are also light on the environment.

The above examples are enough to prove the fact that the woodburning stoves are very environment friendly and are able to deliver desired results without affecting the nature or any of its elements.